Videophobia (2019)


Dir. Daisuke Miyazaki | Japan | Drama, Mystery | 89 mins | R21 | Japanese with English subtitles

Koreatown, cyber-sex, and an 8mm camera that rattles. Director Daisuke Miyazaki’s fourth feature offers a highly-stylised film that explores the permanence of digital data in our reality and the profound impact that it has on our lives and identities. Many of us hide behind a facade online, but what happens when that layer of protection gets removed? A young Korean-Japanese woman must learn to navigate that as the unwitting star of a sex tape. Shot in high-contrast black-and-white, the crisp images only serve to highlight the shadows cast by the fractures in Japanese society and the hypocritical nature of victim shaming. Videophobia is an exercise in paranoia, of watching and being watched, and the extremes one will go to escape that oppressive gaze.


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