Stations of the Cross (2014)


STATIONS OF THE CROSS | Sat 27 Oct | Alliance Française | 1.30pm

Dir. Dietrich Brüggemann | 2014 | Germany | Drama | 110 mins | DCP | German & French with English subtitles | NC16 (Mature Content and Religious References)

Stations of the Cross follows Maria, a young Catholic girl brought up in a religiously fanatic family. She attempts to live her already religious life with fervour, in hopes that she can become a saint and be together with God after she passes. Learning about the ‘14 Stations of the Cross’ that Jesus endured on his path to Golgotha, she believes that this is the one true and right way she must seek in order to reach heaven.

Brüggemann co-wrote the script with his sister Anna, drawing from their own personal experiences with their church, the Society of Saint Pius X. Shot in 14 static long takes that represent the 14 stations, this strict artistic technique reflects the fundamentalist Catholic way of life and its highly regimented teachings. This stylistic choice is not simply a signature style of the director, is purely used for facilitating the narrative. The film is a refreshing adaptation of a biblical story in a contemporary context, focusing on the struggles of a teenager being brought up in a strict modern Catholic family. We see how religion as an institution has the ability to guide the choices and paths that we choose to take, whether they are liberating or destructive.


  • Winner – Silver Bear for Best Script & Prize of the Ecumenical Jury (Berlin International Film Festival 2014)


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Sat 27 Oct | Alliance Française | 1.30pm

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