Farewell Amor (2020)


Dir. Ekwa Msangi | USA | Drama | 95 mins | M18 | English and Portuguese with English subtitles

The immigrant story is a cornerstone of American filmmaking, and director Ekwa Msangi takes the familiar narrative and splits it into three. Told from the disparate perspectives of an Angolan family—father, mother and daughter—reuniting after 17 years apart, Farewell Amor sees the trio settle into President Trump’s America not as a cohesive unit, but as strangers in a strange land. Msangi’s first feature helps us to understand the evolution of love across time and distance, while examining the disintegrating fabric of a family underneath the spotlight of a society hostile to newcomers. Farewell Amor illuminates the undertold perspective of African immigrants with empathy and tenderness, in the face of war’s trauma and overwhelming sense of alienation. 

Awards: Nominee – Grand Jury Prize, Dramatic (Sundance Film Festival)


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