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   Perspectives Film Festival 2020: Truth

   October 30, 2020 | Arts Republic Singapore



   Film Picks: Over The Moon, German Film Festival, Perspectives Film Festival

   October 29, 2020 | The Straits Times



   NTU Perspectives Film Festival

   October 27, 2020 | Her Campus at Nanyang Tech




   Perspectives Film Festival 2020

   October 26, 2020 |




   5 Things to Do in Singapore This Week: 26th October to 1st November 2020

   October 25, 2020 | City Nomads




   The best things to do in Singapore this week (Oct 26-Nov 1)

   October 25, 2020 | Timeout




   11 things to do with your friends and family in these upcoming weeks!

   October 23, 2020 | Avenue One




   Five things to do this weekend (Oct 23-25)

   October 23, 2020 | YOUTH.SG




   Things to do this weekend: vOilah! France Singapore Festival, Perspectives Film Festival 2020, and more

   October 23, 2020 | BURO



   Film Review: ‘Videophobia’ Is a Mind-Bending Trip Through a Fractured Psyche

   October 22, 2020 | Sinema



   What to do this Weekend, Online and Offline: 23-25 October

   October 22, 2020 | Esquire Singapore




   Things To Do In Singapore: Perspectives Film Festival,Culinary Collaboration At Kin & More

   October 21, 2020 | Female Magazine Singapore



   Film Fanatic: Perspectives Film Festival 2020 – Truth

   October 21, 2020 | BakChorMee Boy




    Sharp and Exceptionally Engaging, ‘A Thousand Cuts’ Is a Vital Documentary for Understanding the Age of Misinformation

   October 20, 2020 | Sinema



   Perspectives Film Festival director Nanthinee Shree shares how festival moved online

   October 19, 2020 | YOUTH.SG



   Film Picks: German Film Festival, Perspectives Film Festival, Painting with Light

   October 15, 2020 | The Straits Times



   Perspectives Film Festival Truth (online)

   October 14, 2020 | Campus Magazine



   Perspectives Film Festival 2020

   October, 2020 | Singapore Film Society


   Asian Cinema Digest #7

   October 07, 2020 | Asian Film Archives



   Perspectives Film Festival goes virtual

   October 06, 2020 | YOUTH.SG



   Endless Birds and the Metamorphosis of Festivals

   October 04, 2020 | Quarterly Literary Review Singapore



   Perspectives Film Festival

   October 03, 2020 | Timeout



   Best Things to do in October: Film Festivals, themed high teas, pop-ups and Halloween

   October 01, 2020 | Honeycombers



  Perspectives Film Festival 2020 Goes Virtual Over 10 Days

   September 29, 2020 | Sinema



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