Q&A with the Filmmakers: Farewell Amor - Perspectives Film Festival 2020

Q&A with the Filmmakers: Farewell Amor


A huge thank you to everyone who joined us on our virtual Q&A with Director Ekwa Msangi, we hope you enjoyed your time!


This year, Perspectives Film Festival is proud to see the Southeast Asian premieres of a wide range of films that explore the multifaceted concept of Truth. Amongst these films are Feels Good Man and Farewell Amor. In two virtual Q&A sessions, our programming team sits down with the filmmakers of Feels Good Man and Farewell Amor to discuss their films.

We ask questions to dig deeper into the production process, the challenges and rewards of working on their directorial debut features and the filmmakers’ intentions and hopes for their films. 


These Q&A sessions will be available on PFF’s Facebook page and Instagram TV.


Farewell Amor Q&A with Ekwa Msangi (30 Oct 2020)

Ekwa Msangi specialises in producing and directing films in Africa and the United States of America. She made her directorial feature debut with Farewell Amor (2020), which ran in competition at Sundance Film Festival. As an expert in screenwriting, Msangi has shared her experiences as a resident instructor for a screening lab. She is also active in academic works as an adjunct faculty in two colleges, when she began her teaching career in 2014. 

Inspired by a true story, Farewell Amor follows the inner turmoil of a family reunited after 17 years. Expertly told in three interweaving narratives, Msangi explores the undertold perspective of African immigrants with empathy and tenderness, in the face of war’s trauma and overwhelming sense of alienation. 

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