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PFF 2021
The fourteenth edition of Perspectives Film Festival: Breakthroughs in Cinema presents: WHAT THE __?!

Whether uttered in hushed tones or shouted at the top of our lungs, cinema at its most daring and audacious resists categorisation, dancing along the fine line of the comprehensible and the eccentric, revealing and reveling in the grimy underbelly of existence. And if the films so much as elicit a bewildered scratch on your head, or spawn a spirited conversation, you are—at the very least—forced to fill in the blanks.
    Cinema Voyeurs
    Who Says Anger and Hate Are Ugly

    Who Says Anger and Hate Are Ugly

    A spell of forbidden sins, depravity, and redemption. In this post-festival piece, our guest writers Jade Barget and Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee (XING) reflect on the never-ending fall of a woman, responding to the exaltation and dissidence against an unjust world.

    Annette: Hyperbole Super Bowl

    Annette: Hyperbole Super Bowl

    In celebration of selling out our only physical screening of the year, the Singaporean premiere of Leos Carax’s absolutely bonkers Annette, we invited animator and illustrator @mere.space to draw a suitably cryptic but succinct visual response to a crucial scene in the film.


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